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We create websites that are beautiful, responsive and easy to update.

Pixel-perfect websites without restrictive themes

Welcome to Pink Pigeon. We're a small, family-run business based in East Devon; with big ambitions.

Our aim is to take away the pain of running websites by making them affordable, easy to maintain and offering ongoing support and detailed documentation. Our websites are built in our own simple system (a bit like Wordpress and Wix) which our clients tell us is intuitive and easy to use.

The environment is important to us, so we are based in eight acres of native British woodland, which helps to shrink the carbon footprint of our websites.

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you.

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Custom website prices

While we aim for full pricing transparency, all websites are different. The below pricing guidelines can help form a picture of how much your website may cost, but it is always best to get in touch with us for a quote, as we can advise on how to build your site in the most cost effective way.

Initial site setup
from £299
Monthly fee
from £9.99
Bespoke modules
from £100
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Other Services

We offer a wide range of services beyond the production and maintenance of websites. We have experience in many disciplines from working with some of the U.K.’s leading ad agencies; which combined with our attention to detail can help you realise your business goals. Our services can be utilised on a one-off basis, or through one of our support packages that offer discounted hourly rates; whatever your need, we offer a range of options to suit most budgets.
We create video animations using Adobe AfterEffects, and program animations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our finessed moving assets are therefore suitable for use across the internet and beyond.
We offer great copywriting and sharp proofreading to keep your communication clear and accurate from your website right through to your offline marketing materials.
We are specialists in digital user experience, so our custom built websites look great and are easy to use. We also create marketing materials for on and offline use; to keep your branding consistent from website right through to the real world.
We have advanced knowledge of back and front end programming languages; with which we create carefully coded websites and programmatic advertising.
We offer beautiful photography and retouching to ensure you are using the best images for your brand. We even offer photography tutorials to those clients that would like some help learning how to shoot better images for themselves.
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Other Projects

We are also involved in projects not centred around our CMS.

For example, we designed and built the Axminster Business Directory and Adrian is currently responsible for the frontend build of

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